• Shorten regulatory lag
  • Respond quickly to new information
  • Reduce errors
  • Convert clerical time to analytical time
  • Make calculations understandable to new staff

Shortening Regulatory lag pays off. Filing and recovering a $120 million rate increase 30 days earlier provides a $10 million benefit.

Navigate the sea of Data

Surpass the size limitations of spreadsheets.  UIPlanner allows you to store and access all source data for your rate case.

  • General ledger accounts and transactions
  • Service company allocations
  • Capital and O&M budgets
  • Project and plant detail
  • Customer billing and load research
  • Manually gathered inputs

De-mystify regulatory Accounting

With UIPlanner, you can trace between source data and class-level cost of service, understanding the basis for each allocation factor. Avoid islands of spreadsheets.

Make Calculations seamless

The complexity of end-to-end regulatory processes is not easily supported by spreadsheets.  By integrating your entire regulatory process with UIPlanner, you:

  • Avoid errors
  • Shorten the rate case preparation process
  • Minimize clerical work
  • Maintain transparency throughout

Produce ready-to-file Reports

  • Create all regulatory filing schedules (e.g., state, FERC and more)
  • Generate schedules in required formats
  • Drill into calculations and supporting detail
  • Automate data integrity checks
  • Analyze drivers (e.g., impact of major project “x” on rate base)
  • Export reports into Excel with working formulas