• Shorten your planning cycle
  • Answer more complex “what-if” questions
  • Explain changes in scenarios more thoroughly
  • Enforce consistency (“one version of the truth”)

UIPlanner consistently applies business logic and fully integrates financial and regulatory statements.

Do you have islands of planners?

Manage all Assumptions in your plan

Planning is a team activity. Spreadsheets make teamwork difficult since they tend to be owned and understood only by individual contributors. Implementing UIPlanner allows your team to:

  • Share assumptions in a common database
  • Track changes to assumptions (by whom and when)
  • Avoid conflicting assumptions

Integrate your business Logic

UIPlanner integrates your business logic into a fast, cohesive process that is not reliant on manual, clerical processes.
How long would it take you to do the following?

  • Add a major capital project
  • Calculate its impact on financing
  • Update book and tax depreciation
  • Reforecast taxes
  • Redistribute overheads
  • Revise financial statements
  • Calculate the impact on customer bills

In UIPlanner, the answer is seconds.

Leverage built-in Accounting controls

UIPlanner has built-in accounting functions, including:

  • Double-entry accounting (debits = credits)
  • Configurable account and roll-up structure
  • Direct and indirect cash flow statements
  • Multi-tier (and multi-dimensional) consolidations

Produce robust analyses and Reports

UIPlanner empowers you to:

  • Produce reports quickly while maintaining consistency
  • Compare every detail and calculation across scenarios
  • Measure the impact of changes in key drivers (e.g., sales)
  • Interact with Microsoft Office products