About Us

Formed in 1994 and headquartered in Chicago, IL, Utilities International is the industry leader in planning, budgeting, regulatory, revenue and accounting solutions for the utility sector. During a period of increased challenges for utility companies,  we provide our clients with the advantages of financial transparency, unparalleled performance and strong attention to customer service.

Why Utilities International?

UIPlanner is highly valued by our clients for its flexibility, transparency and performance.  We have a corporate culture that focuses on providing the best customer service and delivering projects on time and on budget.  The combination of our staff’s expertise and the excellent functionality of UIPlanner have enabled clients to consistently achieve their financial and strategic objectives.

Our Staff

The relationships we build with our customers are fostered by our experienced and client-focused staff. We provide insights and suggestions that help clients achieve best practices while implementing our best-of-breed software.




Our Clients

Our clients represent over 70% of the industry in terms of assets and revenue. As we continue to welcome new clients, our emphasis on customer service and satisfaction has consistently led to repeat business from existing clients.


Utilities International seeks talented individuals to join our staff of professionals for the following types of positions:

  • Consultants
  • Software Engineers
  • Software Training and Documentation
  • Marketing & Sales

If you are interested in a career opportunity with our firm, please forward your resume to:  resumes@utilinc.com, or review the open positions below.