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UIPlanner leads the industry with the best solutions for financial planning.

  • Share plans across your team by eliminating the need for personal spreadsheets
  • Lead your staff towards analytical thinking and away from clerical routines
  • Leverage two-sided entry accounting and other pre-built frameworks
  • Compare scenarios and analyze drivers that change outcomes

UIPlanner provides an integrated cost model, achieving far more than data entry.

  • Plan activities and spending consistent with your financial goals
  • Balance planned work and your available workforce
  • Quickly calculate overheads and depreciation
  • Drill from financial plans into spending detail

UIPlanner integrates and streamlines regulatory filings, surpassing the limitations of spreadsheets.

  • Shorten the regulatory filing processes and collect revenue increases earlier
  • Manage, archive and drill into large data volumes behind regulatory filings
  • Reduce errors and clerical processing time
  • Increase transparency of calculations to enable quicker learning by new staff

UIPlanner’s Customer Revenue Module revolutionizes how you calculate and analyze bills.

  • Empower analysts to model new rates and rate structures
  • Process huge volumes of customer billing data quickly
  • Improve customer service with bill planning tools
  • Implement a new, improved and less costly customer information system

UIPlanner provides faster, easier and more transparent processes for:

  • Regulatory accounting
  • Cost accounting (e.g. overheads and allocations)
  • Revenue accounting (e.g. analytics and unbilled revenue)
  • Plant and tax accounting

Our software is the gold standard in the industry. Fourteen of the fifteen largest utilities use our software extensively.


Revenue and spending affect earnings.  Earnings affect taxes and finance.  Regulatory processes affect revenue.  UIPlanner allows you to link these interconnected processes.


Drilling down into a number should show more than detail, so UIPlanner exposes detail AND business logic. This enables you to develop more error-proof processes and greatly facilitates learning the mechanics of the business.

Proven Technology

UIPlanner has been proven to work at a huge scale, with vast customer data volumes and the most complex cost allocation requirements. The majority of electric and gas revenue, spending and earnings are planned with UIPlanner.


Analysts can model business logic in UIPlanner, as it requires no custom code. Our software was built to meet the complex scale that regulated electric, gas, and water utilities require. The extreme power and flexibility of our software enables its use in any industry and for a growing set of purposes.

Trusted Delivery Approach

Our staff of industry experts delivers the UIPlanner on time and on budget, producing high-quality results and safeguarding our distinguished reputation. Our software lets you see results rapidly and tune business logic to meet your specific requirements.